Research at the Clayton Foundation has led to several FDA approved drugs, medical devices and diagnostic assays along with the following pipeline of drug candidates in development by our licensees.

Candidate CompoundDevelopment StagePartner


Indication: Cerebral ALD

Phase II / III

LentiGlobin BB305

Indication: Beta-thalassemia

Phase III

LentiGlobin BB305

Indication: Sickle Cell Disease

Phase I / II

bb2121 BCMA

Indication: Multiple Myeloma

Phase I


Indication: AMD

Phase I completed


Indication: Corneal Graft

Phase I/II

PEC-Encap VC-01

Indication: T1 and Insulin-requiring T2 Diabetes

Phase I/II

PEC-Direct VC-02

Indication: High-risk T1 Diabetes

Phase I/II

Oral Vimo-001

Indication: Solid Tumors

Phase I